What's Your Medicine


Meet Lane

Hi, I’m Lane Carlson.   I am a truth seeker and an explorer of medicines and practices that are helping people heal!  I’m fascinated with stories of ancient practices, shamanistic medicines, new non-invasive gadgets, machines and devices that break systemic barriers to bring about healing to the mind, body and soul.

After a successful career as a globe-trotting model, I found a calling to leverage my platform for meaningful causes, co-founding an international charity spanning 14 countries, spoke at the United Nations Info-Poverty World Conference and produced award-winning films on social issues. I hold a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and have spent the last decade discovering and facilitating healing through non-traditional medicines and practices.

SouLine Solutions

Souline Solutions would like to give a SPECIAL THANKS to Joe Tringali and John Attard for their generous  LOVE and SUPPORT in bringing this content to the world!

Souline Solutions DBA Souline is a non for profit dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations who are striving to build a better future through conscious awakening; supporting films, training and education that break systemic barriers to transform, inspire and unite.

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FILMS:  Since 2016, Souline has supported getting conscious content to the masses in a fun and positive way!  Current projects include the  “What’s Your Medicne” series.   Past projects include the #BattleScarsMovement in collaboration with the feature film Battle Scars whch helped raise awareness for post traumatic stress and our soldiers.  #BattleScarsMovement showed people from around the world showing their support for our soldiers representing the colors: red, white and blue.  Battlescarsmovement.com

TRAINING:  Souline continues to host bi-monthly INTEGRATION workshops in Los Angles which teach the basic principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology.

EDUCATION:  Currently, Souline has supported 15 students to continue their education in the Spiritual Psychology Masters Degree program at the University of Santa Monica, California.