What's Your Medicine

Natural Herbs

“The creative process of blending the herbs is such a beautiful ceremony. The herbs, crystals and energy speak to me EVERY time. When we “tune in” to the knowledge being imparted by Nature everything comes alive with Magic!

These are some the precious plants I choose to work with and this is a description of what they can do. However do not limit them to only these uses for they hold an wealth of wisdom and intelligence. Use your intuition, allow them to guide you in your healing journey.”

“Be Your Own Medicine”.

– Herb Girl

MORE  from Lori: I Created Herb Girl Alchemy to Change the way we look at Herbs, Healing and our Connection to each other and Nature.

Over my 18 year career as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist I have observed a state of disconnect in the lives of so many people. I believe this disconnect is a driving force in the planetary shift we now face. Humanity faces tragic consequences if we do not change how we live and treat Mother Earth. Nature gives us everything we need to heal our mind, body and spirit. Now is the time to realize how deeply inter-dependent we are on her resources for our survival and we must learn not to take more than we need.

It’s time to cultivate a new vision, one of abundance, respect and balance, shifting away separation, lack and fear. We do this together in Unity, compassion and Love for all sentient life.

As we learn the language of nature, we become intimately connected to its cycles and experience deep healing and restoration. Using medicinal plants, Acupuncture and Gaining an understanding of energy and how it works you are able to experience shifts in your awareness, a re-balance takes place in your physical health, emotional and spirit bodies that creates a greater sense of well-being. As you “tune in” to your body, you will discover a new found love and respect for life forms.

As you consume them in sacred space you will find they shift your awareness and assist you to become conscious of  your bodies messages. If you stay present, you will notice a subtle shift as a re-balanced takes place in your physical and spiritual health and well-being.

I honor your commitment to healing and expansion. Thank you for your part in raising consciousness and healing Mother Earth!


Herb Girl