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Medicine Stories

Medicines and Practices from around the world that are helping people heal for a better tomorrow.

Shamanic Healing
"Through my travels in Thailand this past year, we had heard of this amazing shamanic healer named Rengi and I knew we had to meet him. One of our crew members was suffering from Viral Meningitis - So we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to capture his work on camera. The thing I love about Rengi is he is "old school". No website, no social media. He had to meet him at a special place for a little interview before he worked with us to make sure our intentions were pure. He's a powerful light worker and very [...]
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Arimany Method
"I loved working with Nacho!. I met Nacho a a small group gathering in Venice, CA where he lad an amazing workshop. His work got me out of my head and back into my body. The release of sound through movement was new to me, but I stepped forward and tried something new and got a lot from it. He's such a talented and creative guy.
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Kambo Medicine
Meet our Frog Medicine facilitator Georgie as she takes Lane on his first Kambo experience.   “I went into this experience with the intention to release any negative energy that was not serving me and I came out a new man.  Following the Kambo ceremony it became very clear that a business opportunity was not the right fit for me and a week later, I began dating the love of my life.  Yeah...this worked for me”. -Lane
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We follow the story of a pioneer in the Ayahuasca medicine work, Doctor John, as he opens the audience to his world in the" making of the medicine" and how this miracle concoction saved his own life.
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