What's Your Medicine

Shamanic Healing

“Through my travels in Thailand this past year, we had heard of this amazing shamanic healer named Rengi and I knew we had to meet him. One of our crew members was suffering from Viral Meningitis – So we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to capture his work on camera. The thing I love about Rengi is he is “old school”. No website, no social media. He had to meet him at a special place for a little interview before he worked with us to make sure our intentions were pure. He’s a powerful light worker and very gifted healer and maybe…just maybe you’ll cross paths with him in Thailand.

Rengi is a shamanic healer living in Thailand who woks using an ancient set of Runes that Odin , the Norse God, received . The Runes are the building blocks of all creation – Here we see Rengi places TRI runes back into the meridians and brings the devine footprint to reset the body.