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Microdose ayahuasca

Need Assistance on what to do following your Ayahuasca Ceremony?


Please meet Dennis Notten, the Founder of AyaFlow!

In his 3-part video course you
will discover how to:

Decode Your Ayahuasca Ceremony.
Understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects your ceremony has had on you and why this awareness is the 1st step to creating positive changes in your life.

Turn Your Insights Into Action.
Discover the 3 common myths about Ayahuasca that might hold you back from your growth and what to do instead to turn the teachings from your ceremony into action.

Create Long-Lasting Change.
Learn the 3 specific steps to take after ceremony in order to regain your balance and create the foundation for the life transformation that you seek

If this speaks to you, I invite you to register
for the free 3-part video course now:

The grace period that you are currently in (up to
4-6 weeks after ceremony) is a great time to start making the changes you seek in your life as you are still more connected to your intuition, to Spirit, and your most authentic self.

I trust that this extra guidance is helpful for
you at this time as you work to bring your new intentions to life!


Dennis’ personal journey with Ayahuasca has allowed him to shift from being unsatisfied with his life as a classical musician to feeling fulfilled and nourished as a spiritual teacher. He learned how to work with plant medicine in the Amazon jungle in Brazil, where he lived and worked directly with the Yawanawá Indians for 1.5 years. So far, he has guided over 400 ceremonies and opened and ran a healing center in Peru for 2 years, working with cancer patients.

In the video, Dennis shares how he discovered the benefits of Micro-Dosing Ayahuasca – a powerful practice that can help you to stay connected to your soul’s desires, and develop the courage to live the life of your visions. He also explains why combining Micro-Dosing with powerful spiritual practices like meditation and intention setting is the key to creating life changes that stick.

If you’d like to get started on your own journey of living a more intentional and purpose-driven life, we invite you to download AyaFlow’s free Intention Setting Guide. This 49-page guide is available on their website at no cost and will help you to get crystal clear on your intentions around your career, love, health, spirituality and more: www.ayaflow.com