What's Your Medicine

Virtual Reality Therapy

Live counseling using virtual reality with customizable avatars.
You may feel like going to the couch takes so much time out of your day. With our busy lifestyles, and tight commutes getting to see you regular therapist can be challenging and costly. THERA is an affordable way to have regular one hour sessions in VR with an avatar therapist.

If you are a therapist and see the advantages of using online counseling to acomodate a higher population THERA is a adjunct to your private practice. You can choose create your professional profile, choose your virtual office and schedule your clients..

If you are a person struggling with a mental illness or even life stressors, transition or just need to have support from a therapist , THERA brings the new experience of entering “in world” in a discreet, customizable environment which is anonymous, safe and HIPPA compliant.

If you are seeking therapy THERA will provide you an assigned therapist who specializes in your immediate needs based on an online assessment prior to treatment. You will meet with your therapist for one hour session once a week or based on your needs. Therapy is done in a virtual office and completely confidential.

THERA provides your therapy sessions in virtual reality where you can meet with you avatar therapist in real time. Your therapist can look like their online profile or our unique feature is that you can “customize” your avatar therapist. Customizing your therapist may reduce the anxiety or stigmatism you may feel when seeking treatment.

With THERA you can also have 24 hour access to immediate interventions in virtual reality to help treat a number of different issues. Mindfulness, anxiety reduction, addiction, or pain management are just some of the tools that can be accessed 24 hours a day.